Google Friendly WordPress

Google Friendly WordPress aims to please Google by following all of its publicized recommendations. Achieve better SEO results, user experience, and ad spend by adhering to their guidelines.


Google Friendly WordPress

Keep your rankings and traffic strong without the guesswork

Despite what some experts say about secret ranking algorithms, Google has made it public knowledge for years exactly what they would like to see from websites that will naturally translate to better traffic and more business. They even offer tools and analysis to take out the guesswork. All you need to do is be aware of them and execute. That’s where Motto comes in.

We stay on top of the most effective published guidelines from Google and implement them as part of our Google Friendly Wordpress package.

Products Included

WordPress AMP icon

WordPress AMPed

Mobile page speed is a bigger factor than ever for Google so we integrate their own mobile framework (AMP) for you.

Mobile page speed is a bigger factor than ever for Google so we integrate their own mobile framework (AMP) for you.

Google has gone on record saying mobile speed is a bigger factor than ever. That’s why they even released their own mobile framework, Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) for instantly loading webpages.

We’ll convert your regular WordPress posts and pages into a branded AMP experience so Google can serve them instantly to your users and potentially increase your rankings.

Based off of a predefined template that is branded to your colours and fonts.

WordPress pagespeed icon

WordPress Pagespeed

Google strongly emphasizes page speed and even issues a score to reflect your site. We make sure you're passing with flying colours.

Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool published by Google that will analyze and score your webpage based on many performance factors.

We run the report every month and implement whatever is needed to score you above 90%. Oftentimes your score can drop depending on the updates you make so we stay on top of it.

We use your homepage by default but you can change for another page at any time.

Google Clean Console Icon

Clean Google Console

We keep your website’s rankings and traffic strong by updating and implementing Google’s recommended improvements monthly.

Google has a "search console" you can connect to that will tell you exactly what it wants to see from your website – no guesswork.

Google search console allows you to connect your WordPress site and continuously analyze it for improvements Google would like to see.

This is a goldmine of information since one can assume that taking Google’s own recommendations would lead to better rankings and traffic.

We connect your account and check your console every month to ensure you have the most Google friendly WordPress site. Recommendations are fixed on the spot – very simple, and yet very effective.