WordPress Security

WordPress Security addresses the most common WordPress vulnerabilities and causes of downtime in the safest manner possible. This, coupled with WordPress hosting, creates an ironclad WordPress website.


WordPress Security

Error Monitoring and Pro-Active Fixes

We monitor your site and pro-actively fix things before it ever even becomes a problem.

WordPress and other organizations release reports of plugins and themes with known vulnerabilities. This allows us to scan your website for compromised files and update (or remove if needed) before anyone has a chance to take advantage.

We also monitor your error logs. Just because neither of us get any visible errors while browsing your website, it doesn’t mean they aren’t occurring for some of your visitors. This is where monitoring your error logs comes in handy. We identify potential issues some of your visitors may be having and fix them on the spot.

We'll even upgrade you to the latest versions of PHP to keep up with security and performance advancements in PHP itself.

Unlimited Support

Sometimes updates can be risky if you're not an experienced developer. We've got you covered.

Unsure of how to do something? Don’t risk it, ask us first! Our experienced team of experts will walk you through it. This avoids the risk of breaking something you may not be familiar with.

Products Included

WordPress Updates icon

WordPress Updates

Most security vulnerabilities in WordPress originate from out of date core or plugin files. We update everything, every month.

Many studies show that most hacked WordPress sites were compromised from out of date core or plugin files. This is almost entirely avoidable by keeping things up-to-date with a proper WordPress maintenance plan. The problem is that this can sometimes be tricky because updates can break a website. They should be made on a staging environment and tested thoroughly before being done on your live site. We make this dead simple by doing it for you by an experienced WordPress professional every month.

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WordPress Hosting

PressMaster Uptime hosts your website on a fine-tuned infrastructure specifically designed to keep your WordPress website performing at maximum capacity. Speed and security are our priorities.

Have your site performing at maximum capacity on a server specifically optimized for WordPress hosting.

One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is that it’s easily hosted. If you have PHP, MySQL and a web server, you’re up and running.

The problem is once your site starts to get some real traffic it can start to come to a crawl. With the traffic comes exposure, to regular visitors and hackers. Now at a critical time in your site’s evolution where you need it performing at its best, it’s at its worst.

This is where the difference between cheap shared web hosting and a dedicated WordPress hosting solution come in.

Our hosting architecture is built on top of Google’s own cloud with best in class speed and security and networking (traffic is served on their premium tier network). We use only the latest versions of PHP and MySQL for huge speed and security improvements. By default we implement server side caching for near instant page loads. The web server is also fine-tuned to deliver files and pages as fast as possible.

We even pro-actively monitor the backend of your site, such as your database, for potential bottlenecks that may arise.

We’ll even check with you to see where most of your traffic comes from and set up your server as close to that location as possible squeeze even more speed out of every page load.