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Sometimes basic Google Analytics for your site isn't enough. How are your visitors converting to a customer? Do you even have conversions defined? We will define them for you and provide custom reports.


  • Goal setup in Google Analytics
  • Custom monthly report on conversions
  • Change your goal or report at any time!
  • Speak with a rep to understand your reports better

All of our WordPress websites come with Google Analytics installed so that you can track your website traffic. However, sometimes that isn’t enough and you want to know how that traffic converts into an actual customer or monetizable action.

WordPress insights will help identify your main business goals and integrate them between your Google Analytics and WordPress site. We will then provide a customized report of conversions every month to make sure you know your business is capitalizing on its website visitors.

Your goals and the data you’d like to see may change from month to month, that’s why at any time you may request a change in your conversion tracking and reports. Know exactly what your website’s ROI is at any given time!