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WordPress Google Search Console

Google tells you exactly what it wants to see from your website in a console you can connect. We implement all of its suggestions every month so there's no guesswork whether you're doing things right.

WordPress Google Search Console

Your WordPress Google search console allows you to connect your WordPress site and continuously analyze it for improvements Google would like to see.

This is a goldmine of information since one can assume that taking Google’s own recommendations would lead to better rankings and traffic.

We connect your account and check your console every month to ensure you have the most Google friendly WordPress site. Recommendations are fixed on the spot – very simple, and yet very effective.

Site Verification

We will verify you’re WordPress site with Google Search Console so they can be connected and continuously scan your site for recommendations or issues.

Index Coverage

If your site isn’t being indexed by Google, you have no chance of ranking. This isn’t usually a problem for your homepage, but if you have a large site, you may have many pages that aren’t being indexed or that are causing issues in Google’s index.

We check your coverage report every month and fix any issues your WordPress site may be having.

Mobile Usability

Over 50% of website traffic is on a mobile device. So if your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re likely losing interest from over half your audience due to poor usability.

If you’ve taken care to make your website responsive, that is indeed the best strategy! However, not every responsive site UI makes the cut. There are certain UI and functional patterns that should be adhered to in order to have a properly mobile optimized website.

Fortunately, Google Search Console will let you know exactly what they are and we’ll go ahead and fix them for you.