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WordPress Maintenance Service

If your WordPress site is critical to your business, it should be maintained by WordPress experts. Our WordPress maintenance service will assign your own WordPress webmaster to your website so you can have peace of mind and no hassle.

WordPress Maintenance Service

Many studies show that most hacked WordPress sites were compromised from out of date core or plugin files. This is almost entirely avoidable by keeping things up-to-date with a proper WordPress maintenance plan. The problem is that this can sometimes be tricky because updates can break a website. They should be made on a staging environment and tested thoroughly before being done on your live site. We make this dead simple by doing it for you by an experienced WordPress professional every month.

  • Unlimited support
  • Update core and plugins
  • Error-monitoring and pro-active fixes
  • Professional staging of all updates so your live site stays pristine.


Anything can happen at any time. That’s why we back your entire site up everyday.

With a dynamic website like WordPress, there’s usually a lot of changes going on. With more changes comes more room for mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes can’t easily be fixed either. There should always be a plan B.

Every day we back up your entire WordPress installation, including configurations, files, and databases. Simply contact us and we’ll roll back your site to time in the last 3 weeks at no charge. Rest easy that mistakes happen no matter how careful you are and that you won’t be left out in the cold. We’ve got you covered.

A full backup is taken every day and retained for 20 days. Contact us for unlimited restorations.


Anything can happen at any time, so we monitor your site 24/7 and notify you of any issues.

You can’t be surveilling your site all time for potential issues, nor should you. Nonetheless, things can happen at any time for any number of reasons and your site may stop working.

We check your site every 30 seconds to make sure it’s up and running. If it becomes affected, for example your domain name expires, you will be notified almost immediately.

If you sign up for our Security package, we’ll even begin working on a fix to bring your site back up, in case you can’t respond at the moment.


Receive an email summary report of your site every month to keep a closer eye on things.

You shouldn’t have to be bothered on a daily basis with the status of your website, but you should have a certain level of executive summarization so you can be kept up to speed with things and act accordingly.

We send monthly email summary reports covering:

  • core and plugin updates
  • uptime
  • work done
  • … and more.


WordPress is the target of 90% of website hacks. Don’t be among these statistics.

So you’ve chosen WordPress as your CMS of choice. Great choice! It’s the most popular choice for a good reason, powering 35% of the web.

However, the bad news is because of its popularity, it’s also the #1 target for hackers.

The good news, is that even though it’s a prime target, the vulnerabilities exploited are mostly avoidable with good maintenance and pro-active hosting.

We only allow secure access to your site whether publicly (free SSL certificates!) or privately (SSH/SFTP access), implement Google’s Firewall, and monitor potentially compromised plugins on your site.

Oh, and on the off-chance you do get hacked – we’ll fix it for free. In fact, because we monitor your site, you probably won’t even notice this, because we’ll see it first, fix it immediately and update you on the occurrence.


We include a staging environment and process so you can comply with industry standards.

It’s industry standard for any serious website to do any new feature update on a staging environment to be tested before going out to the public at large on your live environment.

That’s why we put a focus on a good staging environment and process to make this easy on you. Contact us and within 5 minutes you’ll have an exact replica of your live website, password protected, and ready for you to experiment with. We can also push your stage to your live site so you don’t have to repeat any work.

  • Pushing stage to live should be avoided for sites with a lot of user submitted data, such as e-commerce. Consult with us before using this feature.


A powerful way to speed up a website is utilizing a CDN. That’s why it’s included at no extra charge.

A content delivery network (CDN) can be used to deliver your static assets (images, videos, etc) to your visitors much more quickly. This is especially true for international web traffic when your server may be located far from the user.

Most providers charge for this service, but since this is what we consider standard practice for a website – we include it for free.

Immediate SUPPORT

Sometimes updates can be risky if you’re not an experienced developer. We’ve got you covered.

Unsure of how to do something? Don’t risk it, ask us first! Our experienced team of experts will walk you through it. This avoids the risk of breaking something you may not be familiar with.


We monitor your site and pro-actively fix things before it ever even becomes a problem.

WordPress and other organizations release reports of plugins and themes with known vulnerabilities. This allows us to scan your website for compromised files and update (or remove if needed) before anyone has a chance to take advantage.

We also monitor your error logs. Just because neither of us get any visible errors while browsing your website, it doesn’t mean they aren’t occurring for some of your visitors. This is where monitoring your error logs comes in handy. We identify potential issues some of your visitors may be having and fix them on the spot.


Probably the most common hack are brute force login attempts. We put an end to that.

One of the most common vulnerabilities with WordPress doesn’t really have to do with the software itself, it’s the user. Many users use weak passwords making it relatively easy for a hacker to simply guess and check.

We automatically ban IPs that have more than 6 failed login attempts. We also highly encourage users to choose strong passwords.


Most PHP versions are no longer supported. We use only the latest.

Out of date PHP versions such as PHP 7.1 and under are no longer officially supported. This means if a security vulnerability shows up, it won’t be fixed and can expose your site to hackers that are aware of these security holes.

We keep your site upgraded to the most recent versions of PHP to ensure high performance and security.