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WordPress Optimization

Google strongly emphasizes page speed for all websites. So much so, that it has a tool to grade your website. We make sure you're passing with flying colours.

WordPress Optimization

Both google and your users will thank you for optimizing your WordPress site’s performance. We offer a guaranteed grade straight from Google themselves. Our WordPress speed optimization aims to please Google by following all of its publicized recommendations. Achieve better SEO results, user experience, and ad spend by adhering to their guidelines.


Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool published by Google that will analyze and score your webpage based on many performance factors.

We run the report every month and implement whatever is needed to score you above 90%. Oftentimes your score can drop depending on the updates you make so we stay on top of it.

We use your homepage by default but you can change for another page at any time.

Monitor your Pagespeed Score

Although a lot of the work for optimizing the performance of a website is done at its build time, or all at once to fix any underlying issues, it doesn’t mean it’s a one-time thing. The fact of the matter is that WordPress sites are dynamic in nature. They constantly change as you publish content, upload images and add plugins for new features. This means that the pagespeed score you received last month often isn’t the one you’re currently receiving.

We will monitor your pagespeed score and make sure we address any issues that effect it from month to month. Most of the time we won’t even bother you with the details and will fix the issue to ensure you’re over 90 pagespeed, and give you the cliff notes in your monthly report. Forgot to resize, compress and use the proper image format for that new promotion on your homepage? It won’t matter because we’ll do it for you.

Receive a report on improvements made

Every month you’ll receive a report of your current pagespeed this month and notes on the work done to address your score. No more wondering whether your site isn’t ranking because of its performance. You’ll get a nice re-affirmation to your inbox that Google has issued you a greenlight in regards to speed optimization.