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WordPress Updates


Most security vulnerabilities in WordPress originate from out of date core or plugin files. We update everything, every month.

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WordPress Hosting


PressMaster Uptime hosts your website on a fine-tuned infrastructure specifically designed to keep your WordPress website performing at maximum capacity. Speed and security are our priorities.

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WordPress Pagespeed


Google strongly emphasizes page speed and even issues a score to reflect your site. We make sure you're passing with flying colours.

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Clean Google Console


We keep your website’s rankings and traffic strong by updating and implementing Google’s recommended improvements monthly.

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WordPress AMPed


Mobile page speed is a bigger factor than ever for Google so we integrate their own mobile framework (AMP) for you.

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Branded WordPress site

Branded WordPress


Don't have a website or maybe your current one isn't up to par? We'll deliver a WordPress website hand-crafted by our professional developers and customized to your brand.

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Every business needs a domain, but sometimes that stuff can be complicated to handle. We'll handle it for you.

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WordPress insights

WordPress Insights


Sometimes basic Google Analytics for your site isn't enough. How are your visitors converting to a customer? Do you even have conversions defined? We will define them for you and provide custom reports.

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